3 Ways to Organize Your Basement Storage


Having a basement area for extra storage is great, however it can be tough to use the space efficiently and keep it organized. The IKEA Home Tour Squad has 3 easy tips that will help you organize the chaos. First, we recommend durable storage bins, specifically ones that can stack, this way you can ensure an efficient use of the space. We would recommend our KLÄMTARE boxes with lids as they are waterproof, which is perfect for any basements that may get a little damp or wet after heavy rain storms. If you have the wall space available, cabinets are a great way to add some extra organization to the basement, adding doors to the cabinets also reduces visual clutter. IKEA’s IVAR cabinet system is great for this as you can opt to add just one cabinet or many to meet your storage needs, and you can paint them to match your personal preference. Lastly, if you’re storing clothes in the basement – such as seasonal outfits and coats, we would recommend ALGOT storage racks and PLURING clothes covers – hung on a MULIG clothes bar. This ensures that your clothes are stored off the basement floor and are protected from dust and moths.

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