3 Must Haves for a Comfy Reading Nook


"The perfect complement to the perfect reading nook is the perfect wing chair. The STRANDMON wing chair offers plenty of back support for you to sit comfortably for long periods of time. Of course, if you're particularly engrossed in a book, the wing chair also has enough depth to allow you to curl up as well. For small essentials, you'll need a landing table nearby - the GLADOM tray table fills that role nicely. The tray table is simple but easily holds your reading nook's personal effects, such as your current book, your cup of coffee (or tea), and your reading glasses. Plus, the GLADOM tray table comes in different colors, so you can select the one that fits with your style. For more versatility, the LACK side table is as functional as it is practical. It can easily serve as your tray table, but these side tables are also lightweight, so you can move it to wherever you need it in your home. Then, of course, there's the NOT reading lamp which can brighten up your reading nook and provide a pool of light for your novel at hand. The head of the lamp splashes light above the room which can make the space feel bigger since it doesn't cast shadows downward. More than that though, there's a small, adjustable reading light attachment, so you can have centralized light on your book. Both lights can be turned on and off independently of one another. With those three elements (a wing chair, side table, and reading lamp) you'll have everything you need for your reading nook. However, if you need a bookshelf as well, the BILLY / OXBERG bookcase is perfect. With glass doors to put your collection on display and inspire you to work your way through every story.

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