Episode No. 404

Small Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces and Big Hearts

In episode 404 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Beth, a learning specialist and private tutor for kids with learning disabilities. She wants to work out of her small home office in Brooklyn, New York. With a focus on learning disabilities, Beth knows kids need a safe space to learn, focus and study. Currently, she works mostly in her students' homes. She hops on her bike and commutes from one student's house to the next. She's spending a lot more of her time commuting instead of teaching. Her dream is to have one contained area in her home so she can spend less time commuting and more time with her students. For the business side of her office, the Squad installed VÄGGIS noticeboards against the backwall. From the noticeboard, she's able to hang her calendar and create reminders to stay organized. On the adjacent wall, the Squad added the KVISSLE magazine rack, so she can keep each student's file organized and ready to go for their next session. Next, they added a BEKANT sit/stand desk to create a more conducive learning space so she can stretch her legs or sit comfortably without leaving her workspace. Plus, the NILSERIK standing support easily fits under the desk when not in use, so she has plenty of space in the study area of her home office as well. Finally, they added a FORSÅ work lamp. The FORSÅ design enables the lamp's head and arm to be adjusted, making it versatile for when she's working on her board, desk, or on her computer. To increase home office storage, the Squad installed EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM wall shelves and cut them to fit the size of the room. For the study area, the Squad started by added a LINNMON / ADILS table, which can comfortably sit two people. Next, they added TRÅDFRI smart lighting that can change in color temperature and brightness to set the ideal task lighting for any time of day. Lastly, they added KLUDD noticeboards to the study area, so Beth can set reminders, play games and write encouraging words to her students.

Behind the Design

A classroom and office space in one

Beth is a private educator that specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities in New York City; a job she is particularly passionate about as she has ADHD herself. Ever since moving into her small Brooklyn apartment, she has had big dreams of her space becoming a classroom. The space was small and lacking storage but, now it’s a place where she can help her students realize their dreams. 

See how we did it

Floor Plan

When looking at the layout of this room, it was important for us to break it down into functional areas:  (1) Beth’s Work Space (2) Student Work Space (3) Storage

Student Work area

Beth needed a place for her students to feel inspired to work. They needed easy access to their everyday materials and the chairs needed to be to be stable enough to prevent distractions. The LINNMON desk provided a large and durable work surface for two students to work on at once and, by placing several KLUDD noticeboards above the desk, a large whiteboard was created for students to use in their studies.

Going Vertical

The room used for this makeover was small and the ceilings were as low as 6 ½ feet in some places. This meant every inch of space needed to be used efficiently, so we went high on the wall with shelves and cabinets in order to maximized storage opportunities. By combining EKBY wall shelves of different depths, all of Beth’s teaching materials could be quickly stored away when not in use. The EKET cabinets added some visual interest and a pop of color into the room.

Beth’s Work area

Beth needed a work area separate from her students. Having ADHD herself, she needs to be able to move and adjust to stay focused and comfortable. The BEKANT sit/stand desk and NILSRIK standing support allows her to get up and move during the day. She can also have student files close at hand in the KVISSLE magazine files while keeping sensitive information locked away in the HÄLLAN cabinet.

Now that her space is complete, Beth is looking forward to better teaching experiences, new challenges with her kids and working from home. 

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