Episode No. 409

Dining Room Makeover Ideas


In episode 409 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visit Venus, a mother of three children who wants to have one central location where the family can eat and spend time together. Unfortunately, the family doesn’t have a place for that. Instead when Venus cooks, the meal starts in the kitchen and then one child goes upstairs, one goes downstairs, and one goes in another direction. Venus has a vision of a nice welcoming dining room where she can bring her family together, without distractions from cellphones, to have a meal and discuss their day. To make Venus’s vision a reality the IKEA Home Tour Squad started by adding a VANGSTA extendable dining table complete with VOLFGANG dining chairs and an EKEDALEN bench so that Venus’s family now has a table to gather around at for meals. To accommodate any friends and family that may be over for a dinner party, JANINGE bar stools and NISSE folding chairs provide additional places to sit. Next the team wanted to replace the current desk and a chair with a MICKE desk, an ÖRFJÄLL child’s desk chair, and a KRUX LED work lamp so that Venus’s youngest son has a nice comfortable place to do his homework and draw with his MÅLA colored pencils. To add a splash of color to the room, the Squad placed a handwoven multi-color TÅRBÄK rug under the dining set that tied into with the room’s current blue carpet. Pulling from the colors in the rug, the team then set the table with a light pink DINERA 18-piece dinnerware set and hung matching light pink LEJONGAP curtains for the dining room window. IKEA 365+ wine glasses are displayed on a blue EKET cabinet and lit by a RAMSTA battery operated LED light, which provides a nice blue light to show off the glasses – while also doubling as a nightlight. To handle additional storage, the team installed three BRIMNES cabinets with doors to keep any stored items out of view. Lastly, a collection of FEJKA artificial plants in BITTERGURKA hanging planters add a nice tough of greenery that just makes the room feel inviting. In just 24 hours, not only was Venus’s vision turned into a reality, she was able to have her family around their dining room table – talking about their day and becoming closer as a family.

Behind the Design

Family Time Restored

Venus is the busy mom of three kids. With her oldest in college and the others getting older by the second, Venus dreamed of a having technology free family dinners so they could all reconnect and share their days without distraction.

See how we did it

Floor Plan

When looking at the layout of this room, it was important for us to break it down into functional areas: (1) Dining (2) Storage/Buffet (3) Kitchen/Bar (4) Workspace


Venus needed a dining table that could handle everyday dinners and holiday gatherings. By pairing the VANGSTA extendable table with the NISSE folding chairs, Venus can now accommodate more people anytime she pleases. The biggest challenge in this room was creating a design that worked well with the existing blue carpet. The TÅRBÄK rug helped carry the blue into the design while introducing other colors like pink, which were then balanced throughout the space with the DINERA dinnerware set and LEJONGAP curtains.


Storage didn’t exist in the dining room before and, because Venus wanted to have friends and family over for dinners, she needed storage that could double as a buffet. By lining up three BRIMNES cabinets she got the best of both.


With so many friends and family coming and going, it’s important for Venus to have enough places for everyone to sit and converse. We took advantage of the existing kitchen/bar area by adding the JANINGE bar stools. The seat and footrest swivel, allowing users to easily turn toward the conversation and, because they’re adjustable in height, everyone can reach the bar comfortably.


Venus wanted her son, Cornelius, to have a dedicated study area. The MICKE desk and ÖRFJÄLL child's desk chair are the perfect size for his homework and supplies. By utilizing the wall space by the stairs, we were able to keep his work area close to the rest of the family, but separate enough that he can still feel that it’s all his own.

With the dining room complete, Venus’s children are already using the space more frequently. Their excitement over having a beautiful and functional dining room draws them to the space, helping them to stay more engaged and bringing Venus’s vision of a more connected family to life.

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