Kid's Study & Portable Homework Station

How to Create a Kid's Portable Homework Station

The portable Art Caddy is a combination of IKEA products and makes it possible for your child's homework station to be with them at home or on the go. The VARIERA box has been traditionally used in the kitchen for storing your spices. However, if you combine it with DRAGAN toothbrush holders, then you've designed a portable Art Caddy for your child. The Art Caddy helps kids study by keeping them organized and prepared. The caddy is lightweight making it easy to carry. Plus, its open design means you can quickly see all your supplies at a glance. The portable Art Caddy can also store the MÅLA series of art and school supplies. Whiteboard pens, paints, sticky notes, markers, colored pencils, scissors and tape can all fit comfortably inside. In your study room? The Art Caddy is perfect for staying organized so you don't need to rummage through your desk drawers. On the go? The Art Caddy has space for all your essential supplies, so you don't need to empty out your backpack when you're on the move. Best of all, the VARIERA box and DRAGAN series come in numerous sizes. Stop by IKEA and play around with different designs.

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