Stocking Glassware For a Dinner Party


One of the important parts of hosting a great dinner party with friends and family, is having proper glassware for any drinks that may be enjoyed. The IKEA Home Tour Squad has a great rundown of items you need to “Keep it Glassy.” First, we would recommend a GROGGY serving tray and a BLANDA blank serving bowl – these items are perfect for serving up a bottle of wine or a mug of beer, along with some mixed nuts for guests to munch on while enjoying their drinks. Next, you want to have a corkscrew – nothing changes the mood of a dinner party quite like offering guests a nice glass of wine only to find out that you have no way of getting the cork out! We recommend the affordable IDEALISK corkscrew, which has wing levers that makes uncorking bottles much easier, the handle also doubles as a bottle opener. We recommend pouring a red wine into IKEA’s HEDERLIG red wine glasses, these glasses have a large round bowl that helps the wine’s aromas and flavors to develop better. If your guests are beer drinkers, you can quickly class up a can or bottle of beer by pouring the beer into a MJÖD beer mug. For cocktails, especially ones that contain plenty of ice - GODIS glasses are a clear winner as the tall and straight shape is great for keeping drinks cold. Lastly, it’s always a great idea to have whiskey glasses on hand. We would recommend the FRASERA whiskey glass which has a generous shape and weight that feels great in the hand and helps the scents and flavors of the whiskey to develop better.

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