Episode No. 408

Laundry Room Storage & Organization Ideas


In episode 408 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Saneybi, a 25-year-old mother of two who prides herself in keeping a clean and organized home. Unfortunately, there was one room that was difficult to organize since it lacked proper storage – the laundry room. This was a pain point for Saneybi and her family as it became very cluttered with piles of the family’s odds and ends, it was also one of the first rooms that a guest would see when they walked down the hall. This room was also a safety concern for Saneybi’s two small children as there wasn’t an area for them, so Saneybi had to wait for her husband Will to come home to be with the children before Saneybi could do laundry. Saneybi dreams of having a calm and organized laundry room that makes her want to wake up and do laundry, with her children by her side. The IKEA Home Tour Squad worked with Saneybi make those dreams come true, this way Saneybi could spend more time with her family and less time doing laundry. The IKEA Home Tour Squad started by adding SEKTION kitchen cabinets, which provides proper storage for all the items that Saneybi and her family buys in bulk, while the KARLBY countertops provided additional workspace. IVAR cabinets were mounted to the wall to provide even more storage space for cleaning products or any other little accessories that were piling up in the room. In the past, there was a huge pile of shoes on the floor and the family had to dig to find the pair they wanted, so the IKEA Home Tour Squad added an ALGOT storage rack to organize all the family’s shoes. The Squad added RIBBA frames with printed posters, FEJKA artificial succulents, and FOTO pendant lamps with a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer (that Saneybi s obsessed with!) to make the area welcoming and bright – the décor makes you forget that you’re in a laundry room. The Home Tour Squad also installed PATRULL drawer catches and plug covers to make the area safe for Saneybi’s children, who now have their own area in the laundry room to play with their LILLABO train set while Saneybi does laundry.

Behind the Design

Family Laundry

Saneybi and Will are a busy family with two young children. The disorganization of their basement laundry room made doing laundry an exhausting chore and they needed a more organized space in order to reduce stress and improve their routine.

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Floor Plan

Like many basements, Saneybi and Will’s space was slightly awkward, with various pipes, electrical boxes and other architectural challenges. Because they needed the space to serve them in a better way, it was important for us to break it down into functional areas: (1) Entryway (2) Kids (3) Laundry


Will and Saneybi’s front door leads directly to the basement laundry room, so it needed to double as entryway storage as well. Before, their shoes sat in a pile on the floor, taking up valuable floor space and making them frustrated when they had to dig through to find what they were looking for. With the addition of the ALGOT shoe organizer on the wall, they can store multiple pairs, keeping them clean, organized and easy to access. Plus, the addition of the LURT wall rack keeps Will’s collection of hats organized and convenient for him to grab on his way out of the house.


With two small kids, Saneybi needed a place for them to safely play while doing laundry. By incorporating the MORUM rug, IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel chair and LANGUR high chair with padded seat cover, they now have a designated space of their own. With the kids more focused on playing, there are less meltdowns and Saneybi can focus on the task at hand. PATRULL drawer/cabinet catches on the lower kitchen cabinets allow Saneybi and Will to store their laundry supplies with the peace of mind that the kids won’t get to them.


Will and Saneybi’s basement needed to serve as a functional laundry room. In order to provide the workspace and storage they needed, we added SEKTION kitchen cabinets. They provide a ton of valuable storage and a large surface area for sorting and folding clothes. Installing the ALGOT storage system above the washer and dryer gives them plenty of space for less used items and keeps laundry detergent easy to reach. As a bonus, the shelves and accessories are adjustable, so they can change or add to the system over time, as their needs change. Saneybi loves to listen to music, and the ENEBY Bluetooth speaker is the cherry on top for this space. Now she can easily pair it to her phone, press play on her favorite jam, and let the rhythm carry her away.

At the end of the day, Saneybi and Will have an organized basement laundry room that allows them to spend more quality time as a family and less time stressing over chores.

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