Stain Resistant LISABO Dining Room Tables


The LISABO dining room table is a perfect addition to any home. From design to function, this is a dining table built with family use in mind. One of the first things you’ll recognize about the LISABO dining table is its innovative design. We use less materials to make it lightweight and more affordable. Additionally, the dining table is quick and easy to assemble, so a family doesn’t need to worry about complicated instructions. Once the table is set up, a family can start to enjoy the new table right away without worrying about the surface. The LISABO is specially designed with clear lacquer, making it stain resistant and easy to clean. In other words, if you or your family have a spill on the dining table, you don’t need to worry about stains. The stain resistant surface makes it easy to wipe up spills. The LISABO surface is also perfect for fun projects and hobbies. If your family enjoys arts and crafts, the nice, smooth surface makes it easy draw, write and create as a family. Of course, there’s plenty of space if you want to draw together but also enjoy small snacks, as well. With the LISABO dining table, your whole family can enjoy the space together.

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