Episode No. 407

Living Room Ideas for a Small Space


In episode 407 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Crystal and her daughter Madison. The family purchased their first home, which was a dream come true. Crystal thought she would have the house decorated quickly, but after six months, she has struggled to get started. She wants everything to be perfect, from the paint color to the furniture. Crystal and Madison’s favorite room in the house is the living room, but one of the challenges was the hand-me-down furniture. The couch was too small and they didn’t have any built-in storage, which is what led to boxes being stored behind the couch and laptops on top of file cabinets. Madison also wanted a table to be able to do more arts and crafts. As a result, the IKEA Home Tour Squad worked with Crystal to make her living room ideas a reality. The IKEA Home Tour Squad started with Madison’s dream for a table (and space) for arts and crafts. They added a white TRULSTORP coffee table in the center of the living room. On the surface, this coffee table provides the traditional fanfare of any other coffee table, however TRULSTORP features multiple functions - perfect for small spaces. Inside the TRULSTORP coffee table is storage so Madison can keep her art supplies within the coffee table when not in use, but easily accessible to start a project. For Crystal, the TRULSTORP also helps her as one half of the coffee table can be raised, so she can work on her laptop at a comfortable height while Madison works on her drawings on the opposite side. One of the things the IKEA Home Tour Squad wanted to do was transform the living room into a dining room as well. To do this, they divided the space with a ROSKILDE rug. This rug slides under their coffee table and sofa to provide a decorative perimeter around the living room space, which leaving enough room for them to add a dining room area. The dining room décor started with a LISABO table, and Crystal was amazed at how easy it was to assemble. The table was placed near the window to make the most of the light in their space and the ODGER chairs helped to tie the space in with the thematic colors from the rest of the house. Additionally, the Squad added BIRTINE curtains to the windows. These curtains stay within the color palette of Crystal’s home and control the amount of light and privacy they want. The Squad added some overhead lighting, as well, for meals later in the day. To help with Crystal’s need for storage, the IKEA Home Tour Squad added BESTÅ. Not only does this wall-mounted combination storage help divide her living room décor from her dining room, it also displays her entertainment console in a visually pleasing way. What’s more, the Squad added BOSNÄS ottomans below the BESTÅ storage. Now, Madison can store her toys away when guests are over but easily reach them when friends visit. Finally, the Squad added a green VIMLE sofa which is much larger and matches the color of her house. Adjacent to the sofa is a BURVIK side table, perfect for potted plants and beverages. With the small living room decorating finished, Crystal can now enjoy her home the way she always envisioned it. She’s been through a lot, but now Madison and Crystal (and her fur baby, Bambi) truly feel at home.

Behind the Design

House to Home Dreams

Crystal and her daughter Madison recently moved into their first house. Even though they had settled in, they were struggling to make their house feel like a home and needed a better space for family dinners and entertaining friends.

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Floor Plan

When tackling the layout of this room, it was important for us to swap the positions of the sofa and TV. This freed up valuable wall space for some much needed storage and helped us break the room down into four functional areas: (1) Seating Area (2) TV/Storage Area (3) Dining Area (4) Kitchen Storage Area

Seating Area

Crystal wanted to be able to have family and friends over to visit but her old sofa was outdated and too small for guests to fit comfortably. With the VIMLE sofa, Crystal now has plenty of room to entertain and peace of mind knowing she can machine wash the cover whenever she pleases. Crystal and Madison were most surprised with the TRULSTORP coffee table. Not only does it serve as a surface area, but one half of the table top can be raised up to a comfortable height for working on a laptop or even eating dinner while watching TV. And, there’s hidden storage under the table top to boot! Lastly, MOSSLANDA picture ledges were placed over the sofa to create a rotating gallery for family pictures and Madison’s artwork.

Storage Area

Crystal’s living room lacked storage. Swapping the sofa and TV to the opposite walls helped us gain valuable wall space and allowed us to incorporate a BESTÅ TV storage system with a mix of open and closed storage. By mounting it to the wall, we were able to avoid blocking the floor vent and created an opportunity for even more seating and storage with the addition of the BOSNÄS ottoman with storage underneath. Now, Madison has her own dedicated place for toys and three extra seats when her friends come to visit.

Dining Area

Due to space constraints in their kitchen, Crystal and Madison didn’t have a dedicated dining area. Luckily, their living room had plenty of room for it! Together, the LISABO table and ODGER chairs provide seating for four while the BRUNSTA pendant shade and LUNNOM LED blub provide sophisticated, ambient lighting over the table.

Kitchen Storage Area

Like so many people, Crystal had a lack of storage space and surface area in her kitchen. Fortunately, she had a small empty wall with a lot of potential! By adding the FLYTTA kitchen cart, we gave her an extra workspace for prepping dinner and tons of additional storage on the shelves below. And, the casters allow her to move it freely throughout her kitchen! Above, we mounted the KUNGSFORS system to the wall, allowing Crystal to keep her commonly used items organized and easily accessible. And, the system is flexible too, so she can adjust the shelves and accessories over time, based on her needs.

Creating the feeling of “home” means something different for everyone. For some, the process is easy, for others, it may seem challenging or unattainable. But, in the end, everyone deserves a space where they truly feel at home each day. Now that Crystal and Madison have a completed space, they aren’t thinking about everything that remains to be done. Instead, they’re focusing on each other and all the amazing new memories that are yet to come.

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