Episode No. 410

An Efficient Apartment Living Room Makeover


In episode 410 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Chantal, a professional musician who recently graduated from college and moved into an apartment with her boyfriend Darren – who is also a musician. While they love their apartment, the couple faces challenges with the living room, which is their main living space and work space. This has caused issues with the couple’s creativity and apartment aesthetic, as a lack of proper vertical storage has caused clutter to pile up. Chantal has a dream of creating an efficient work space within the living room that inspires the couple’s creativity, while also being able to use the shared space as a place to work, relax, and entertain. To make Chantal’s dream of establishing a sense of home and creating a space that defines who they are, the IKEA Home Tour Squad started by addressing Chantal’s vision of using the walls as a place for storage and organization. To do this, the Squad began by mounting 3 BESTÅ storage frames complete with KALLVIKEN doors on the wall for additional storage, then they mounted a BESTÅ TV unit below the frames to complete the entertainment center. Multiple EKET 2 drawer cabinets were also mounted to the wall – perfect for additional organization, storage, and as a base for the couple’s keyboard. Multiple LURVIG cat houses were then mounted on the wall, allowing their cat plenty of vertical space to exercise and play. To help Chantal and Darren’s creativity, the Squad added a MALM desk with a pull-out panel, EKBY JÄRPEN and EKBY BJÄRNUM shelves, a HEKTAR work lamp – complete with wireless cell phone charging, and a FLINTAN swivel chair. Now when Darren sits down to edit video or Chantal has voice lessons, everything is neatly organized and within arm’s reach; allowing them to focus on their work. To address the relaxation and entertainment part of the living room, the Squad needed to replace the “college chic” furniture that was in the apartment. To do this the Squad added a FÄRLÖV sofa complete with a FÄRLÖV sofa cover and a URSKOG lion cushion, and a REMSTA arm chair. A HOGHEM bar shelf was also added and stocked with SVALKA red wine glasses, HEDERLIG champagne flutes, and INTAGANDE glasses. Updated to a more modern style, the couple have a comfortable place to ""take five"" after they've finished working on their projects. Now Chantal and Darren have an apartment living room that can seamlessly go from a place to work, to a place to relax, and to a place to entertain. They’re able to capture that creativity when it strikes and live without the stress of a cluttered space and not wanting to create because the mics or cables may be hidden away.

Behind the Design

Movies and Music

Musicians Chantal and Darren have been living with hand-me-down furniture for a while now but the “college chic” vibe wasn’t working for them anymore. They wanted a relaxing and stylish living room where they could rest after long gigs and effortlessly create when inspiration strikes.

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Floor Plan

Chantal and Darren have a great size living room with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, but the space was cramped, disorganized, and adding unneeded stress to their lives. By removing the dining table that was floating in the center of the room, and replacing it with bar stools at the kitchen island, we were able to free up space for three functional areas: (1) Seating (2) Media (3) Workspace


Chantal and Darren wanted their living room to have the vibe of a recording studio. By layering various cushions and incorporating the SILKEBORG rug, we were able to create a warm, modern feel. The FÄRLÖV sofa and REMSTA chair provide plenty of seating for guests, whether they’re watching a movie or having a jam session. LURVIG cat houses, mounted on the wall, provide a classy place for their kitties to sleep, explore and play, in place of oversized cat towers that take up valuable space.   

Media Storage

To infuse the living room with even more chill vibes, the BESTÅ media storage unit was mounted on the wall. This created a sleek, elevated look (pun intended) especially with the added flair of color changing LED light strips underneath. For the grand finale, the ENEBY Bluetooth speaker is on standby, waiting to provide the jams for any and every occasion.


Because the living room is also used to record music, Chantal and Darren needed a workspace that was extensive enough to accommodate their equipment yet practical for light office work and internet surfing. The MALM desk with a pull-out panel provides all the surface area they need to work on various projects. Now, when inspiration strikes, their equipment is organized and ready to go, so they can spend less time searching for missing gear, and more time capturing their creativity. The EKET cabinets with drawers provide great storage for recording accessories with the added benefit that they are the perfect platform for their keyboard.

Now that Chantal and Darren’s living room is complete, they no longer need to worry about how to organize their space and can spend time relaxing, reconnecting, and fully expressing their creativity. It’s truly a space that will fuel their ambitions so they can take their careers to the next level.

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