Simple Organization with Wall Mounted Storage


The SKÅDIS pegboard from IKEA offers simple and customizable wall mounted storage. In any given room, there's a myriad of different items you use everyday that need organization. The SKÅDIS pegboard combination takes those everyday items and conveniently displays them, so they're safely stored but easily accessible as well. Looking for some covenient wall storage for your arts & crafts room? A wall-mounted pegboard keeps all your materials organized and within your line of sight. No digging through drawers, instead you can access everything you need from scissors to thread, to tape measures and construction paper. If you have a small scrap of fabric or note you want to hang for yourself, then one of the SKÅDIS clips can easily keep it hung front and center. The SKÅDIS pegboard is also great for displaying lightweight materials or heavy tools. For lightweight storage, you can hang delicate papier-mâché or origami from SKÅDIS hooks. You can use the letter holders for tissue paper or other delicate supplies and the SKÅDIS shelves can hold glass vases or small craft projects. Meanwhile, for a heavy display, the SKÅDIS cords can hold hammers while still being easily accessible. The SKÅDIS hooks can also hold additional tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. If you are looking for additional kitchen storage, the SKÅDIS hooks enable you to hang pots, pans, strainers, mugs, spatulas & more! If you notice you need a place for additional items, like spices, you can simply add containers to your pegboard and insert your salt, pepper, and cinnamon among others. The containers are also useful for perishables that don't need to be refrigerated: ginger roots, turmeric, and garlic, for instance. For your entryway, a pegboard with elastic cords is perfect for hanging letters, wedding invitations and pictures of loved ones. Additionally, the SKÅDIS clips can hold items more likely to be moved or adjusted, such as notes to roommates and loved ones, letters or calendars. The cords and clips can be used in combination with containers and hooks for a bedroom layout as well. For home offices, there are letter holders to keep your files organized, but also shelves and containers for various office supplies: pens, pencils, rolls of tape, additional staples, etc. The wall mounted storage works well with arts and crafts rooms as well, enabling you to hang scissors, but also store smaller items like thread and needs (to keep them from being lost or misplaced). The pegboard combination is completely customizable. After you've mounted it on your wall, you can select items from the SKÅDIS series to suit your needs.

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