Episode No. 403

Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Ideas


In episode 403 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, The Squad heads to Philadelphia to help Julia bring an element of Zen to her outdated and cluttered bedroom decor. As an aspiring U.S. National rower, Julia needs a bedroom sanctuary to help her recuperate after a long workout and to prepare her body for the upcoming rigors of training and competition. In addition, her full-time job as a clinical scientist leaves her with little spare time, so having calming bedroom colors & decor for maximizing recuperation is key. Lastly, as a cat-mom, pet furniture will also need to be incorporated into this bedroom oasis to ensure that her feline has a perfect place for a cat nap. To start, the IKEA Home Tour Squad created a custom PAX wardrobe that gives Julia a space to hang her clothers and doors that allow her to hide everything away. For additional storage, they added the MALM 2-drawer chest as a storage nightstand. For Julia's bay window decor, The Squad layered FJÄDERKLINT textured linen curtains with sheers to allow warm natural light in while coupling a STRANDMON wing chair and ottoman. They also added a BAROMETER floor/reading lamp to give Julia an area to kick back and relax after a long workout or workday. The team also added a cozy LURVIG cat bed to help further ensure a rejuvenating night's sleep for her feline friend. Looking for more bedroom decor inspiration? Explore past bedroom makeovers at https://www.hometourseries.com.

Behind the Design

A bedroom to relax and recharge

Aside from working full time as a clinical scientist, Julia trains about 15 hours a week as an elite rower with aspirations of joining the national team. After purchasing her home a year ago, she worked hard to finish the kitchen and living room but, between working and training, she lost steam once the time came to tackle her bedroom. The furniture was outdated, the clutter and disorganization were stressful, and Julia really needed her bedroom to be a space where she could relax and recharge after a long day.

See how we did it

Floor Plan

When looking at the layout of this room, it was important for us to break it down into functional areas:  (1) Sleeping (2) Relaxing (3) Getting Ready

A Rejuvenating Retreat

Julia’s sleeping area needed to feel comfortable and cozy. She already owned a MALM bed in the perfect color and needed a way to pull the rest of the room together. The MALM 2 drawer chest provides quick access to all the items she needs after a long day of rowing. The addition of the BILLY bookcase next to her bed provides extra storage and keeps her books close at hand to both her bed and reading chair.

A Cozy Corner

Placing the STRANDMON wing chair near the bay windows gives Julia a cozy spot to read while her cats relax nearby. The windows provide a lot of wonderful natural light and with the addition of the GLANSNÄVA curtain liners, she can be sure to block out any distracting light when it’s time to sleep.

Getting Ready

Julia's days are long, and she needs to be able to get ready quickly in the morning and put her items away easily at night. Although she has a closet in her room, it wasn’t providing all the storage and functionality she needed. The addition of the PAX wardrobe system provides Julia with a dresser space, a place to put her workout gear, and a spot to organize her jewelry, all-in-one! The HOKKSUND sliding doors give her quick access to everything while also allowing the visual clutter to be shut away each night.

We had so much fun working together with Julia to create a calming and organized bedroom. Now she has the perfect sanctuary to relax and recharge each day, allowing her to wake up refreshed, show up to her workouts with full energy, and move one step closer to accomplishing her goal of rowing for the national team.

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