5 Essentials for any Sewing Room


You can utilize any sized space and turn it into your perfect sewing room. There are so many things you need to sew: fabric, machines, tables and supplies that the right organization solutions are key. The IKEA Home Tour Squad has compiled 5 sewing room storage ideas for anyone trying to create their own sewing room. 1. NORDEN Gateleg Table The NORDEN gateleg table is perfect for sewing as it can adjust for large (and small) projects. When working on the larger projects, the gateleg swings out and props up an additional surface; almost doubling the surface of the table. This way you can spread out your larger fabrics. Of course, for delicate, smaller projects, the table easily folds in to conserve space. 2. SKÅDIS Pegboard A SKÅDIS pegboard is perfect for sewing rooms. It can be customized with any SKÅDIS series add-ons: clips, hooks, containers, etc. The containers and connector shelves make it easy to store your smaller accessories, while keeping them easily accessible. Spools of thread, buttons, scissors, tape measures, all these items can be stored on a pegboard, so you don’t need to hunt for them when you need them (and they don’t shuffle around on the inside of the drawer). 3. IVAR Storage System Much like the SKÅDIS pegboard, the IVAR storage system is completely customizable, so you decide what design you need. For a sewing room, the taller cabinets are great for storing yards of wrapped fabric. You can add doors to the IVAR storage, and with a sewing room, you can hide any additional storage. 4. SAMLA Storage Boxes These work hand in hand with your IVAR storage system as you’ll want boxes to store scraps or small pieces of unused fabric. These clear storage boxes are great additions to your sewing room, as you can see at a glance what smaller pieces are available to you. 5. SY Sewing Kits Finally, the Squad recommends the 15-piece SY sewing kits. These come with all the essentials you’ll need to start a sewing project. Rulers, safety pins, scissors, needles, tape measures, and more! Plus, they come in a compact and organized bag which you can use when you’re on the go. Make your sewing room storage ideas come to life with these essential tips and products from IKEA.

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