Stylish & Inspiring Bedroom Makeover


In this special edition of IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Hadley, lifestyle editor at MyDomain. Hadley just moved to New York and has been so busy that her bedroom has fallen to the wayside. She was thankful for the hand-me-down furniture she received when she moved in, but now is looking to update. What she really needs is functional storage for her bedroom makeover. She wants her bedroom to feel personal and comfortable, while still having plenty of space to get ready in the morning. Fortunately, the IKEA has a lot of small bedroom storage solutions. Together, Hadley and the IKEA Home Tour Squad collaborated to get her bedroom updated and stylish in one afternoon. One of the first things the Squad addressed was Hadley’s need to have a space where she can get ready in the morning. They added a HEMNES dressing table with mirror and a vanity that can also serve as a desk. This way she can get ready in the morning but also work at the HEMNES desk if her roommates are in the living room. Beneath the vanity, the Squad added a birch VILTO storage stool. This not only slides under her desk when it’s not in use (saving space), but also can store her extra throw blankets for the winter months. Above her desk, the Squad added EKBY JÄRPEN and EKBY VALTER wall shelves, complete with KOMPLEMENT boxes so she can store additional items and knickknacks in her room without losing any floor space. Plus, with her VILTO stool, she’s able to reach the shelves should she need something. Another way the Squad increased her small bedroom storage was by adding a BJÖRKSNÄS 5-drawer chest. This smart storage fits snugly in the corner of her room and offers plenty of room for storing essential items or clothing. The Squad also added some SHUGGIS hooks by her closet door so she can hang her purses, hats, and scarves. This helps her to maximize her small bedroom storage space. To help Hadley concentrate, the Squad added an ENEBY Bluetooth speaker. Hadley didn’t even know IKEA carried Bluetooth speakers, and what’s more, the cover can be removed if she wants to change up the look. It’s convenient and will help her to focus on her work, while removing external noise and distractions. Hadley was thankful for the assistance and now her room feels like home. It makes a difference every day she wakes up and every day she goes to sleep.

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