Easy Home Automation with Smart Lights


Home automation doesn’t have to be complex or expensive - IKEA Smart lighting is easy, affordable and integrates seamlessly into your home. To get started, simply switch out your existing bulbs with the TRÅDFRI LED smart bulbs - you can customize the solution to fit each room in your home. The TRÅDFRI remote control allows you to control up to 10 bulbs from a single remote, and can be kept on a magnetic holder when not in use. The TRÅDFRI gateway kit even lets you control your lights using the free app on your smart phone. You can dim or brighten based on the mood you want to set and even adjust the color temperature to your preference. With the touch of a button, you can change the entire atmosphere in your home. With other great features like timers and motion sensors, you’re sure to find the right solution for you. For more ideas on transforming the ambiance of your space, check out the rest of the IKEA Home Tour Series episodes, tips and tricks.

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