Episode No. 311

Home Office Ideas for a Loft Makeover


In episode 311 of the IKEA Home Tour series, the Squad is here to help Enshane transform a previously confusing, under-utilized space into a purposeful and functional retreat. As she starts a new life for herself and her children in Vancouver, WA, she’s hoping to pursue her dream of becoming an author and spiritual counselor. With the rest of the house in working order, the third-floor loft space has become a dumping ground for books, files, and overflow of linens and clothes from the laundry room. The Squad begins by incorporating Enshane’s travel souvenirs with BJÖRKSTA statement pieces to create a feminine, bright retreat that matches her personality. The Squad shows Enshane how to tackle the overflowing laundry room and unorganized piles of paper using the ALGOT wall storage system, while the LILLÅSEN desk creates a workspace and place to write. Enshane is ready to move forward pursuing her professional and spiritual goals. By decluttering the space, Enshane will be able to declutter her mind and life. With the help of the IKEA Home Tour Squad, Enshane’s loft conversion will take her space from a chaotic and cluttered catch-all into an organized and inspiring sanctuary that will support her spiritual and career development. For more loft conversion and home office ideas, check out the rest of the IKEA Home Tour series episodes, tips and tricks.

Behind the Design

An Organized and Inspiring Sanctuary

After going through a divorce, Enshane started a life for herself and her children in Vancouver, WA. With a new fiancé and most of her house in working order, the third floor loft space had become a dumping ground for books and files, as well as items overflowing from the connected laundry room. Enshane envisioned this space to be a place where she could develop as an author and spiritual counselor and she was ready to make it happen.

See how we did it

Floor Plan

A simple tip for setting up any space is to think beyond your first idea or how you’ve done it in the past. Many times, you discover options that are more efficient for what you need. Working in a loft space with nooks and half walls involved thinking beyond a typical approach in order to fit all the activities that were important to Enshane. With that in mind, we landed on areas for relaxing (1), working (2), storing (3) and, because it affected the loft space, we also tackled the laundry room (4).


When setting up a place to sit back, relax, and recharge, it’s important to create the type of environment that allows you to do just that. For Enshane, we chose cool colors and natural materials to make the space calm and soothing. Pairing MASTHOLMEN chairs with SANELA cushions set the tone and FEJKA greenery brought life to the space. Adding TRÅDFRI smart lighting throughout the room gave Enshane the option to adjust the brightness and color temperature of all the lights, allowing her to tailor the atmosphere. It’s helpful to consider these elements when looking to achieve a certain look and feel in your home.


It was important to Enshane that the loft space be an inspiring place to work. With dreams of sharing her life experiences through her writing, finding the right desk was key. We chose the LILLÅSEN desk for its simplicity, size, and design. Selecting a less traditional desk promoted a creative workspace that easily integrated with her style. Its petite size allowed us to take advantage of the space along the half walls without interfering with other parts of the room. For convenience, we put a KOPPLA power strip inside of a KVISSLE cable management box and placed it on top of the desk. It’s the little things that can make a big difference in the way you work.


It’s important to identify the best kind of storage for what you have to store. Enshane had a mix of books, magazines, papers and odds and ends she collected over the years. The EKET series allowed us to create a custom combination complete with open, closed and drawer storage to accommodate everything she had. It also provided a great place to put her decorative items on display. By choosing a less traditional storage option, we were able to tailor it to fit her needs, space, and personal style.

Laundry Room

Doing laundry isn’t typically a fun task, but when you take steps to organize your set up, you can make it feel a lot less like work. Enshane’s laundry room was small, lacking in storage, and laundry items were spilling into the loft. To address this, we installed an ALGOT storage combination above the washer and dryer. It was perfect for storing laundry and household items and for hanging laundry to air dry. On the opposite wall, pieces from the DYNAN series provided shelving for cleaning supplies while the NORBERG wall mounted table created a convenient on/off folding station. Adding a simple hook on the wall established a spot to hang the ironing board, getting it out of the loft and into the laundry room.  Having everything available where Enshane needed it streamlined the process for a seamless routine.  

The transformation of the loft space was a life changer for Enshane; by decluttering her space, she could now declutter her mind. We left knowing that Enshane finally had a room that would inspire and empower her to achieve her dreams.

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