Episode No. 402

First Studio Apartment Ideas


In episode 402 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad heads to Philadelphia to help Ginelle, an aspiring 2D animator, makeover her current barebones studio apartment. As an up and coming digital designer, Ginelle needs to ensure the space in her home promotes a creative and relaxing ambiance. This space serves as her office, bedroom and living room, so the Squad will have to ensure that they create an environment that is stylish as well as entertaining and relaxing. Let's see what types of studio apartment ideas they came up with. To start, the Squad chose a NYBODA coffee table for its reversible design that allows you to change the table's look and added a NYMÖ lamp shade bringing decorative light patterns to the space. By incorporating a KALLAX shelving unit into the studio apartment's layout, the Squad was able to divide the space into separate ""rooms."" Ginelle now has space for a cozy, private bedroom and a living room that will allow her to comfortably host friends and family in her new apartment. Because Ginelle’s apartment was in need of nearly everything, the team also wanted to ensure that her blank canvas was finished out with the proper necessities and color-coordinated accessories. For the seating area, the team included the SÖDERHAMN sofa in a stylish color with a plush VINDUM rug. And lastly, the Squad was sure to include a LINNMON/ALEX table with plenty of storage for her art supplies and proper lighting to ensure Ginelle that has a place to focus her creative energy. Looking for more studio apartment inspiration? Explore past studio apartment design makeovers at https://www.hometourseries.com.

Behind the Design

A Studio Apartment and Art Space in One

Ginelle just moved into her first studio apartment to pursue her dream of becoming a 2D animator. With minimal furniture and tight quarters, she was having trouble laying out the space. She was in need of separation so she could have a dedicated bedroom and living room but, more than anything, Ginelle needed her home to be an inspiring place where she could focus on her dreams and creative aspirations.

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Floor Plan

When looking at the layout of this room, it was important for us to break it down into functional areas: (1) Living Room (2) Art Studio (3) Bedroom

Divide the Space

Even though Ginelle loves her studio apartment, she really wanted her bedroom and living room to feel like separate spaces. Leveraging the benefits of the KALLAX shelf unit, we were able to create a partition to divide the studio while still allowing light to flow freely throughout the space. The simple addition of KALLAX inserts and PUDDA baskets provided Ginelle with some stylish organization as well. And, because the KALLAX shelf unit comes with a sturdy wall bracket, Ginelle can live in her space knowing that it is secured safely to the wall.

A Room to Relax

Ginelle wanted to host game nights with her friends and family, and now she can! With the SÖDERHAMN sofa, NOLMYRA chair and FROSTA stools she has enough seating for six. The sleek NYBODA coffee table with reversible top has enough surface area to hold a board game and a tray with food and drinks. Plus, if Ginelle wants to add a touch of gray to help ground the space, she can simply flip the reversible top.

A Place for Art

Ginelle dreams of becoming a 2D animator so creating an art studio was priority #1. The ALEX drawer unit provides convenient organization of all of her art supplies while the MOSSLANDA picture ledge above the desk keeps her sketchbooks off the table top but still close at hand when inspiration strikes. In order for Ginelle to work in this large closet, we needed to bring life to the otherwise dark space. We added an easy to install NYMO lamp shade with HEMMA cord set. Since this combination plugs in to a regular wall outlet, we were able to install the solution without the need of an electrician.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Once we separated Ginelle’s living area, her bedroom became a private refuge; a place where her mind can rest after a long day of working and creating. Floating a wall mounted EKET cabinet by the bed gives her a stylish and modern bedside table while the tranquil PJÄTTERYD picture above the bed grounds the space and provides a sense of calm and reflection.

For Ginelle, having her first apartment is a first step towards adulthood. Working with her to create a functional and beautiful space, truly reflective of her personality, means she now has an inspiring home that fuels her creativity and motivates her to pursue her dreams.

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