Episode No. 312

Stylish Workspace Makeover


In episode 312 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad turns Julie's cluttered home office into a stylish and functional workspace. In episode 312 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad turns Julie's cluttered home office into a stylish and functional workspace. Julie lives in Portland, OR with her three dogs, and keeps extremely busy running an association of real estate managers, writing, teaching, and making jewelry. Julie turned to the IKEA Home Tour Squad to help with the cluttered home office that was causing her stress and making her work a chore. The Squad got started by overhauling her workspace with new surfaces for each of the functions of the office. A BARKABODA countertop creates enough desk space to be able to handle the heaviest of workloads, while an EKBACKEN countertop and ALEX drawer units create a dedicated jewelry making station in the closet space. To make sure that everything stays organized, they put in an ALGOT shelving system and SUNNERSTA containers for jewelry supplies, and BESTÅ cabinets for keeping the business space clean and efficient. The KLABB and TERTIAL lamps add warmth and make the room an easier place to work. With all these problems solved, Julie is able to do the things she loves in a beautiful, peaceful workspace. For more information on the design, layout and products used, check out our “Behind the Design” blog below!

Behind the Design

A Home Office that’s Functional AND Beautiful

Julie is a doer, and to say she keeps busy is an understatement! On top of her full time job, she spends time volunteering, doing community outreach, public speaking, mentoring others, and even writing her own book; and if that wasn’t enough, she is an avid jewelry maker. Her home office, which serves as the hub for all this activity, was in desperate need of an overhaul.  Because she spends the majority of her time here, we aimed to give Julie a space that maximized storage and surface area while reflecting her personal style and inspiring her creative side.

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Because Julie is so active and, more often than not, has multiple projects going on simultaneously, it was important to break the office space up into multiple work zones.  This way she would be able to move from one task to the next more seamlessly without having to completely clean up one in order to go to the next.  It also allowed us to create the necessary storage for each task closest to where it would be needed as opposed to lumping it all together.  In the end we settled on three distinct work areas: Main (1), which would be used for her daily work and business; Jewelry (2) which would be dedicated solely to the creation of custom jewellery; and Creative (3) which would serve as a multi-use space for additional projects and storage.

Main Workspace

Julie’s main work area was to serve as the ‘command center’ for her office, so it was critical that it functioned properly. We walked through her daily routine ensuring that we checked off all the critical tasks and included storage and access for each. The ALEX drawer units were the perfect solution to have near her desk because they provided storage for all the necessary office supplies but also included a drawer for hanging files. A station for the printer and supplies as well as overhead storage for less frequently used items rounded off the area. Because Julie has such great style, we knew the space needed to reflect that. By creating a warm neutral pallet with pops of brass and wood, and by adding the MOSSLANDA picture ledge for personal accessories, we were able to deliver a functional space with high style.


When it came time to plan Julie’s jewelry making area we had to get a little creative. In this case we decided to take advantage of the large closet in the room and maximized the usable space to create this awesome workstation. Before, the closet served as additional storage but had no organization and was not being used to its full potential. By breaking up the storage and making a space for everything, we were able to turn this closet into a jewelry makers dream. The ALGOT system was the perfect solution for the closet because it allowed us to customize the configuration to perfectly fit the space and Julie’s storage needs. The simple addition of the SUNNERSTA rail system provided a convenient landing space for all the necessary tools and supplies; keeping everything tidy and accessible.        


Though the majority of Julie’s time is spent either at the main workspace or the jewelry station, it was important to give her an additional work surface for extra projects and provide storage for supplies and equipment. Here, we chose the EKBACKEN countertop because the durable laminate top will not only hold up to all of Julie’s projects, but the white marble effect keeps the space looking chic and sophisticated. The BESTÅ system provides ample storage (with room to grow!), and the high gloss doors were a stylish way to hide everything away, maintaining the clean look Julie was after. 

As more and more people make the shift to working from home, the need for a highly functional office space is becoming ever more important. The challenge is how to integrate this space into your home seamlessly. By adding functional storage and maximizing the usable space, we were able to create an office for Julie that meets all of her work needs but that also reflects her personal style and inspires her creative pursuits; proving that your office can be functional AND beautiful! 

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